The Small Paintings Group


In 1989 Peter Peterson RBA realised a long held idea to form a society to exhibit small paintings. So together with Dennis Gilbert NEAC, Sandra Pepys LPS and Cinzia Bonada RBA, he founded The Small Paintings Group. The inaugural exhibition was held at The Duncan Miller Gallery, Flask Walk, Hampstead on 1st December 1991.

The membership consists of about 35 distinguished and eclectic artists, many of whom paint on a larger scale. The paintings are limited to twelve inches in height and width and can be in any medium. These are 'cabinet' sized and intimate paintings - easy to place and affordable.

The Group exhibits annually at the Piers Feetham Gallery, Fulham Road, London SW6 and usually has at least two shows per annum in prestigious established Galleries in London and the Southern Counties of England.

Since its inauguration The Group has had at least thirty exhibitions in these various Galleries: Piers Feetham Gallery, Fulham; Russell Gallery, Putney; Chappel Galleries, Colchester; Gallery 54, Mayfair and several others.

Christopher Hall RBA RCA

Sadly Christopher Hall died on the 4th of August 2016. He was a member of the SPG and all who knew him
will miss him very much.

An obituary has been published by Newbury Today.

Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire, with whom Chris exhibited every year, have also
published a short obituary here.

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  • Mary Jackson - Zizzling Day by the Sea
  • Cinzia Bonada - Valez, David in the Gardens of Lefrizhewrie Sark
  • Anne Wright - Tarifa Palmtrees